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The songs of Visions in Clouds [VIC] are anthems of a faceless generation. The Lucerne, Switzerland quartet’s fusion of post-punk and ‘80s new wave embodies a search for clarity with which anyone can identify.

VIC originated in 2015 when drummer Simon Schurtenberger and guitar- ist/vocalist Pascal Zeder shelved their pop music projects in favor of a more genuine expression. In early 2017, a guitarist from the U.S. named Leopold Oakes joined the ranks. Owing to his previous experiences, Oakes’ frenetic downstrokes became a key component of their sound. 

Identity and isolation are recurring themes in VIC’s music. Their songs resonate not only with the disenfranchised youth of today, but anyone who has longed for meaning. From the distance in their concepts, you can sense a shapeless truth that is somehow more substantial for being so serenely veiled.