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Motherland is the follow up to Ronen’s 2018 sophmore album and first in Hebrew Toska. Including a combative yet hopeful anti-harassment hymn «Haseder Hayshan», it became part of the soundtrack of the #MeToo revolution in Israel (Ben Shalev, Haaretz). In the same year she migrated to Zurich and co-founded the Feminist musician’s collective Mino Collective, alongside fellow activists and musicians Brandy Butler and Sarah Palin.

In 2014, Ronen released her debut album Mirror Maze with the Swiss indie label Sophie Records, including the single ‘Please’ which was featured in a worldwide JEEP commercial and is played in Swiss radio stations to this day. An intense and immersive performer, her live shows were described by audience members as an emotional, therapeutic experience. Ronen is known for her radical honesty and sharp self-awareness, which leads her to discuss complex emotional processes openly and simply. Ronen has collaborated on studio recordings with Mark Kelly, Brandy Butler, Yehu Yaron, and Anisa Djojoatmodjo (Ikan Hyu), and is already at work on her fourth album, which will be produced by Sam Cohen (Kevin Morby, Sharon Van Etten, Norah Jones). 


  1. I'm Not From Here (3:49)
  2. Bubble (3:15)
  3. Welcome To The Universe (3:18)
  4. Housebroken (3:00)
  5. Never (3:22)
  6. When I Come Home (2:19)
  7. Holyland (2:11)
  8. Motherland (2:52)

All songs written and composed by Ella Ronen. Except «Welcome to the Universe» which was written and composed by Tal Ronen, and «Never» which was co-written and composed by Maya Belsitzman.