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‘Are you still watching?’ is a long-playing song collection created by Visions in Cloudscelebrating the reincarnation of synth-pop, wave and disco music. The duo’s latest worksare carefully written, focusing more on sound design, macro- and microstructure than everbefore. This results in the most intriguing compositions Visions in Clouds have ever presented publicly.

‘Are you still watching?’ is restless, melodic and designed for a neon lighted dance floor after midnight. The sound is rooted in 80’s and 90’s synth and disco tracks but Visions in Clouds bring the genre to the year 2021. Having already been discovered on internationally known tastemakers such as KEXP 90.3Seattle, the new songs have already created quite the fuss in the global scene of alternative music.


1. Two In A Row (2:36)
2. Runaway 1 (3:13)
3. Kept My Eyes Shut (2:54)
4. Merry-Go-Round (3:16)
5. Thieves (3:07)
6. Another Way Of Love (3:29)
7. Hide Out (3:34)
8. Dance (3:17)

All songs written by Antonio Passacantilli, Sebastian Meyer, Simon Schurtenberger & Pascal Zeder.